About Us

EuForensics is a company providing advices to clients in respect of crime scene examinations. The Principal has many years of practical experience in crime scene examination, as well as in the academic world of science and forensics.

Through the application of a broad spectrum of forensic science disciplines, we are best suited to answer questions of interest to a client. This may be in relation to a criminal or a civil action.

After nearly 10 years' experience in Metropolitan Police Service Crime Scene Examiner teams, dealing with a broad spectrum of criminal cases at national and international level, we know that every case is unique and nothing should be accepted at face value. Everything must be tested, and scrutinised to the last shred of evidence.

In addition to Crime Scene Examination and the scrutiny of CSI reports for Defence clients, EuForensics can call on satellite consultants for a much broader range of subjects. EuForensics is able to source the right consultant for the task, without the Instructing Solicitor having to search for an additional expert. Additionally, we have extensive contacts throughout the forensics world, and are able to bring a host of knowledge and experience to any case on which we are instructed.

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